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Wedding Unity Ceremony Sets

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Unity Ceremony Sets

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Set Descending Direction

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Add a deeper, more meaningful dimension to your standard wedding ceremony with Unity Ceremony Sets! Strengthen age-old marriage traditions and usher new ones in with contemporary  alternatives that are just as powerful! Most unity ceremonies carry a rich cultural heritage that has been passed on for generations, and some, like the Unity Sand Ceremony, are recent additions. 

Unity ceremonies are quite easy to integrate into your wedding ceremony. They’re accepted and practiced in religious weddings, and flow seamlessly with your wedding program. When you choose to include this powerful gesture in your own wedding, make sure you’re ready with the right Unity Ceremony that will enhance your wedding, and honor your religion or cultural heritage.

You’ll need beautiful Unity Ceremony Sets as accessories when you want to conduct a dramatic Red Rose Flower Unity Ceremony, a beautifully matched set of candles for the traditional Unity Candle ceremony, and unique vases and particular sand colors for a colourful Unity Sand Ceremony.

Many couples choose the Unity Sand Ceremony Set because of its versatility and style. It also accommodates family members whom you might wish to include in the unity ceremony, especially children from a previous marriage. Each person can be uniquely symbolized in this ceremony by assigning a specific color to him or her. Our Unity Ceremony Sand is available in more than 25 colors you can choose from. They’re made of fine crystalline quartz that holds color well and flows smoothly when poured.

Of course you can always opt for another unity ceremony such as the Love Letter Ceremony, where you write down what’s in your heart, and tuck it safely in a lovely wooden box, to be read in each other’s presence in the future. Accompanied with a bottle of wine in an excellent vintage year, it’s an elegant way to commemorate your wedding! We suggest you add the Love Letter Wine Ceremony Box Set for an enchanting ceremony!

While you may think these Unity Ceremony Sets are expensive, you’ll be surprised to know that inexpensive unity ceremony sets can be yours without sacrificing beauty and form! At CouplesOnCakes.com, we make it a point to help couples achieve their dream wedding, even on a budget.