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Thank You Cards

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Know what constitutes as an unfortunate event two months or more after your wedding? It’s realizing you failed to send a wedding thank you card to your wedding guests! You either get an arctic blast from acquaintances to snap you out of your wedded stupor or you get the long and slow cold shoulder treatment. Family and friends go huffy on the phone, they decline your invitation for dinner, give you piercing glares, and if you still don’t get it, the “Hey, did you receive our wedding gift to you?” will be thrown at you.

Prevent this oh so awkward encounters that puts you in a bad light. Thank You Cards for wedding gifts are de rigeur. It’s a must because you are a polite and thoughtful couple! Failure to send a simple thank you card for wedding guests leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. But you can avoid the whole crazy scenario with CouplesOnCakes.com's line up of affrodable thank you cards! The designs don't disappoint either, our current favorite is the Beach themed thank you card called the Seaside Jewels, but enough about us, let's talk about you!

Post-honeymoon, sending out wedding thank you cards can become a monstrous chore. Here’s how to go about it like a pro!

Include your choice of thank you cards along when choosing your wedding stationery from RSVP’s, Save the Date Cards, and Wedding Invitations so you’re prepared. Remember that a good pen with excellent ink flow helps make the whole writing experience less of a chore. Cat got your tongue? Don’t stress too much with wedding thank you card wording, just be sincere and express your gratitude with a simple line or two, and don't forget to indicate your guest's exact gift!

Choose from any wedding thank you card below, or opt for a dose of pink with the Sophisticated Bride Thank You Card, an elegant minimalist Mr. & Mrs. Thank You Cards, or go for a dash of the exotic with the  Peacock Feather Thank You Card! Whichever card you choose, your wedding guests will appreciate the gesture!

Don’t know the right wedding thank you card timing to send them out? As a rule, a year is too much! Post wedding thank you cards within two months after your wedding day, and bask in your excellent wedding thank you note etiquette!