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Set Descending Direction

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Set Descending Direction

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Cutting your wedding cake with beautifully crafted serving sets or cake knife and server sets made especially for that occasion is a precious moment that comes rarely in your lifetime. This is a much anticipated event during the reception which most of your wedding guests look forward to with excitement!

The cutting and serving of the wedding cake with silver knife and server sets like the Silver Bow Knife and Server Set  is an old tradition that symbolizes the bride and groom’s first task as a married couple. Wedding cake slices are shared between the bride and groom, and are served to wedding guests. The tradition is believed to bring good luck and good fortune!

To make this momentous occasion more special, choose a classic serving set such as the Heart in Heart Knife and Server Set for its elegant lines and minimalist design. For a beach themed wedding or an outdoor wedding, while the Coastal Mist Knife and Server Set is the perfect choice to play up a sunny wedding day.

Our Cake knife and server sets go beyond pretty, they do the job of cutting your cake without fail too. Wedding cakes are elaborate affairs, with different kinds of icing to make it even more stunning. While buttercream frosting is easy to cut, you’ll find it a challenge to crack through hard frosting.

Browse our serving set collection and get the cake knife and server that will complement your wedding cake well in terms of color, style, and function. You may also find excellent wedding accessories that coordinates with your serving set of choice. Complementing Champagne flutes and wine glasses make your wedding reception even more special!

CouplesOnCakes.com makes shopping for wedding accessories as easy as possible for you. If you have any questions about any of our products, or need a suggestion, or simply because wedding planning is an overwhelming task, our helpful staff is just a few clicks away, so contact us today!