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When you want a casual yet intimate wedding reception with the sleek effect of coordinated wedding accessories to make it special, you’ll love our napkins for your wedding reception! These small wedding accessories add just the right touch of personalization to your wedding celebration, making your guests feel you’ve put tons of effort to create an extra special day not just for you, but for them too!

Napkins are a must in every reception to wipe on, to mop up spills, to generally keep everyone’s hands and faces clean! Your themed napkins does the trick, and inexpensive napkins do the job just as well as any fine linen ones! Our napkins come prefolded, saving you time and energy for more important matters such as creating your seating arrangement, and preparing your place cards and escort cards! 

Add this wedding accessory to your cart now, and don’t forget to browse through our wedding ceremony accessories selections, wedding favors, and gift ideas in case you've missed a thing or two in your wedding prep list!