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Exciting news, Brides! CouplesOnCakes.com now offers laser engraved wedding cake toppers, and laser cut wedding cake toppers at very affordable prices. What exactly are these toppers that’s got us into a creative overdrive? And what has lasers to do with wedding cakes?

First off, you’ve seen those cute script cake toppers on Pinterest, the ones that says “Love” or one that has your favorite quote, such as “Always & Forever.” And then you say, oh but if only this personalized cake topper came in gold! Or copper! Or used acrylic instead of wood even!

What if we tell you, we can make all that, and more for your wedding cake? What if we tell you that out of all the hundreds of thousands of wedding cake toppers, there’ll be only one that’s uniquely yours? That what you imagine gracing your wedding cake, we bring to life. Neat isn’t it?

To answer the second question, lasers make your wedding cake stand out from the rest of the crowd. Truth. We’ve heard you clamoring for that one distinct cake topper. One that’s more than any of our customized wedding cake topper can only hope to be. So we added a splendidly magical option to our range of service. We now offer laser engraved cake toppers for weddings, and laser cut cake toppers for any occasion. And this, gives you an edge in crafting not just any cake topper, but a keepsake.

So give us your best shot. Tell us your all-time favorite quote, the one you want on your wedding cake. Do you want it in elegant script? Or declare your love with a bold font! We do acrylic, wood, metal. In colors of your choice. Gold, pink, blue, silver…you name it. Get completely creative with us! Talk to us, send us your ideas. Got a picture of a custom cake topper or cake pick? We’d love to make that a reality for you!

In the excitement, we forgot to mention that laser engraved wedding cake toppers costs less than you imagined. So hit that 'Leave A Message' box in purple at the lower right of your screen now!