Elegant African American Cake Topper

Elegant African American Cake Topper

Add that last touch of modern day fairytale whimsy to your wedding with this regal couple! Both dressed in modern day royal finery, this slow dancing bride and groom are the perfect way to celebrate being a modern day princess!

Prince and Princess Cake Topper

Interchangeable True Romance Bride and Groom Cake Toppers


Interchangeable True Romance Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

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These interchangeable figurines can be combined to create your perfect version of "True Romance". Our selection of stylish Brides and Groom reflect a range of skin tones and ethnicities allowing a combination that will more closely resemble you and your beloved. Select both a bride and a groom to create the perfect couple.

Bride and Groom figurines should be used together as they are unstable when not interlocked.

Because of the delicate porcelain, we suggest the figurines are handled very gently. Once in position, add glue or two sided tape to the bottom of the bride's dress so she is not accidentally separated from the "Love of her Life"

Material: Hand painted porcelain


Brides: 2" width, 2.125" diameter, 5.5" height;
Grooms: 4.125" width, 3.125" diameter, 5.125" height


Please note that these toppers are created individually. They are molded in clay, painted by the manufacturer, and then fired into a kiln to create its final porcelain state. Due to this baking process, the 2 toppers may create a fit that is slightly askew. Double-sided tape is suggested for the bride to ensure stability. Additionally, as these toppers are painted by the manufacturer before being fired inside the kiln, there may be slight variations in color(with hair, skin tone, and attire color) and "imperfections" on the topper. These are not modified during the customization process; the only changes that we make on the topper are the ones that are requested on the order. We do not make changes that are not listed.

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Material Porcelain
Manufacturer Weddingstar
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