I Do, I Do! Wedding Engagement Ring Key Chain

I Do, I Do! Engagement Ring Keychain

Metal Cross Key Chain with Beaded Design

Metal Cross Key Chain with Beaded Design

Antique Key to My Heart Keychain Favor

The countless search for misplaced keys drive people to do all sorts of crazy things, like upending their purses on the sidewalk, or breaking their own windows! Specific keys are married to particular doors, and there's no going around that fact.
Spare your guests the anxiety of losing keys. Give away these key-shaped keychain favors and encourage guests to keep their keys in one place for easy access.
This is a faux antique key inspired by the Victorian era, which means it has little monetary value in case you're thinking of putting it up on the block. Nonetheless, it looks damn good.
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Add this Antique Key Heart Keychain Favor to your Victorian inspired wedding day accessories, a garden wedding, a historical themed wedding, and even romantic weddings! This keychain is designed with a faux antique finish and won't fool your guests for a second. It's the thought that matters though because keys symbolize opening doors, pretty much like marriage and relationships!

  • Each key-shaped key holder is especially crafted to show off an intricate pattern popularized by craftsmen centuries ago.
  • It's a nod to the times when artisans take great pride in their work, not that 'artsians' today don't. Only that 'artisanal' products will cost you a pretty penny these days! Then again, anyone who spends a few hours in their garage with a hobby they started 2 months ago turns around and will sell it to you as 'Artisinal'.
  • Your wedding guests probably won't know the difference, and probably won't care. Your wallet will, though. This real life protip brought to you by: CouplesOnCakes.com - Keepin' it real since 1637 - Victorian style.
  • With this little treasure, each of your guests are given more chances of finding their keys, resulting to better moods, less upturned bags, and no broken windows.
  •  In an antique-bronze finish, each antique key wedding favor is packaged in a gift presentation card, saving you the task of boxing and wrapping them up. Neat!

Size Including Presentation Card: 4.5" tall x 2.75" wide

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Material Metal
Color Brown, Copper/Bronze, Khaki
Manufacturer Kate Aspen
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