Vintage Antique Key Bottle Opener

Vintage Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

Vintage Sea Starfish Design Bottle Opener

Vintage Sea Starfish Design Bottle Opener

Anchor Bottle Opener

Anchor Bottle Opener

It’s time to open a bottle of brew to celebrate, and the hunt for the humble bottle opener is on!

While you might think the world is already overrun with bottle opener wedding favors standing at the ready, chipped tooth, bent spoons, cuts, and other minor accidents attest to the sad fact: There is never enough bottle openers. Notorious for being coveted by everyone, bottle openers are fickle and won't be there when you need them most, which leaves everyone with no alternative but to use unconventional tools such as the edge of a table, a bent nail, or insert your favorite non-tool here.

Amazing isn’t it? Save your wedding guests all the hassle of using various body parts, inappropriate tools, and generally being a danger to themselves, and give away these nautical themed anchor bottle opener wedding favor!

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The Anchor Bottle Opener from Kate Aspen is the only solution to deal with life’s most frustrating problem: Getting the contents of a favorite beverage safely out of a capped bottle into a waiting glass full of ice!
“Oh no, not another bottle opener!” You say. But your guests will actually thank you in the future for the times this gadget will save a tooth from cracking, a scratched doorjamb (Yes it’s been known to happen!) or a frustrated ice pick through the crown with the beverage fizzing and splashing everyone in the vicinity. Horrors!
This marine themed bottle opener features a true to life rendering of a ship’s anchor, complete with a winding rope detail as envisioned by Kate Aspen designers. Not only does it pop open bottle caps and crowns, it actually looks great just sitting there on the counter, on a boat, or on top of your ice chest in the privacy of your backyard.
The bottle opener itself tops the anchor shaped wedding favor, and its wide, curved base provides a good grip, making it safe for your intended recipient to open bottle after bottle of his or her favorite brew!

This wedding favor comes in metal, sturdy enough to survive heavy duty partying! A pewter finish adds a touch of timelessness, making it easy for everyone to incorporate it into their existing barware!
So if you’re having an ocean themed wedding, or a cruise ship wedding, this cute workhorse of a wedding favor is for you!
Artfully presented on a striped blue and white base with a clear cover, it's accented with a white rope tied in a bow, while a hang tag gives the finishing touches to this affordable nautical favor for weddings that embodies celebrating life’s adventures perfectly!
Also available in silver finish.

Size Including Gift Box: 3.25" Tall x 2.25" Wide
Weight: 1.5 ounces

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Color Blue, Navy Blue, Silver, White
Material Metal, Pewter
Manufacturer Kate Aspen
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