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Set Sail Boat Wheel Wine Bottle Pourer

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Quick Overview

Good times call for celebrations and this boat wheel accented wine bottle pourer and stopper rises to the occasion everytime!

Let your wedding guests grab the wheel when it comes to hosting parties with a favor for weddings that does double duty by having both pourer and stopper options, now they can pour beverages elegantly while the stopper encourages them to drink in moderation.

Set the course for an awesome get together when you give away this sail boat wheel accented wine bottle stopper on your wedding day.

Condition: New

Regular Price: $8.49

Special Price $3.98

Availability: In stock


Nostalgic of adventures on the high seas, the Set Sail Ship Wheel Wine Bottle Pourer and Stopper encourages small intimate get togethers, and even big gatherings!
Add this standard wine bottle pourer to your wedding guest's collection for an unforgettable wedding favor!

  • The Set Sail Shipwheel Pourer and Stopper is crafted specifically for couples who love the nautical theme, are celebrating a seaside wedding, or simply love the meaning behind the symbol!
  • Done in metal for strength and durability, this favor for nautical themed weddings is a practical tool any self respecting wine connoisseur should have.
  • Features ribbed rubber gaskets on its stopper for that air-tight seal required to keep the wine's flavor from dissipating, no matter the bottle size.
  • Chrome finish gives it a high sheen, making it a standout among other barware tools!
  • Gift packaging is included, with the Pourer/Stopper presented in a cardboard box with navy blue, blue and white stripes.

Material: Metal, Rubber.

Size:  2” wide x 4.5” tall including packaging.

Staff Thoughts:

"So I was given one of these Boat Wheel Bottle Stopper/Pourers to take home and test out, and in return I have to write a review for you. Marketing department thought it was a great idea for me to review this because I work in the 'Shipping Department'. They say that's an obvious joke, but I'm not getting it. Let me start by saying that I've never driven a boat, so I'm not the most qualified person to take boating advice from. I can, however, navigate through a bottle of wine.

6:00 P.M. - Just got home. Give me a minute to settle in before I start this review, please? Thanks...

6:01 P.M. - Wine bottle uncorked. Boat Wheel Pourer/Stopper in place. Went in easily, feels snug. Poured a glass of wine, no leaks. Job well done.

6:27 P.M. - Pouring 2nd glass, no problems to note. The Boatwheel Pourer makes my wine bottle look like a dumb submarine with a whole bunch of cargo wine. Cargo wine tastes the same to me as the wine I usually drink.

6:34 P.M. - TV Commercials were boring, drank quicker than expected. While pouring the 3rd glass of wine, strangely I feel waves slowly rocking. Look outside the window, confirmed not living in a boathouse. Welp, might as well pour that 4th glass while I'm here.

6:50 P.M. - Wait, do you 'drive' boats? Or do you steer them? SAIL! No, not sail, that only covers sailboats. I don't think sailboats have wheels. Operate? Yes! Operate!

6:52 P.M. - Gonna go ahead and operating myself back to the kitchen. Steer myself around that chair, and what a nice breeze as I sail through the hallway. Note to self: bring fishing pole on the way back to living room.

6:54 P.M. - UPDATE: I know, it took me 2 minutes to move 20 feet, I had to circumnavigate my astrolabe or whatever. Unbeliveable! No wine has left the bottle since I was last here. It's either gravity, or this Ship Wheel wine bottle stopper. I haven't collected enough data to hypothesize, but it's clearly working as advertised so far.

7:08 P.M. - Wine bottle empty. Draw treasure map to another bottle of wine.

7:15 PM - Ran the water in the sink. This bottle stopper looks AWESOME next to the full sink of water. Gunna steer this bottle of wine to the next bottle of wine over my sink-ocean, because wine treasure map says so.


8:30 AM  - Fiance finds me sleeping on the kitchen counter, with an empty bottle of wine floating in the kitchen sink.

9:00 AM - She hasn't mentioned anything about a 'wine treasure map', I think we're safe. Tonight I journey alone. Unless, of course, if you buy one of these. Then you can come with me. You will also be officially invited to the Treasure Wine Pirate crew.

- Jon, Order Packaging 'Know-it-All' who is also sometimes late for work.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kate Aspen
Color Sky Blue, Blue, Navy Blue, Black, White, Silver
Material Metal, Rubber

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